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Bios of Officers
NuEnglish, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, incorporated in Arizona in May, 2007.  It is a 509(a)(2) public charity.  Contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Gary Sprunk, President

Gary Sprunk was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up there. He earned an engineering degree from Washington and Lee University. For several years he worked as an electromechanical engineer in the automotive and aerospace fields. Later he did database programming. But his great passion is language in all its aspects—etymology, semantics, foreign languages, sign language, everything! He earned a master’s degree in English linguistics from Arizona State University and taught English to young children in South Korea and to university students in Thailand. He was reminded how difficult English spelling is, especially for foreigners.

For many years Gary has been designing a new language. This language, Krist/ul, will have powerful applications, for both computers (automated proofreading, accurate speech recognition and machine translation) and for people (accelerated learning and mainstreaming of the deaf). On reading a newly released book in 2006, “Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis”, Gary saw how the proposed spelling system could be useful to his language project. But when corresponding with the author, Bob Clecker, Gary learned that Bob could benefit from a collaborator, and Gary was uniquely qualified be fill that role. So he took on the project of developing and promoting the spelling reform of English, known as NuEnglish. His position is President of the nonprofit NuEnglish Inc.

Hema Burns, VP Marketing

Hema Angelika Burns holds a bachelor’s degree equivalent in Public Administration from Hannover, Germany. She worked for nearly 20 years with the City of Bremerhaven in Germany. In 1994 she came to the U.S. and settled in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Hema worked for 3 years as a subcontracted Right-of-Way agent for ExxonMobil. She had her own organizing business for a couple of years and later founded her publishing company publishing a niche magazine for a minority group in the Valley.

Hema utilizes her creative talents by designing flyers and brochures for several nonprofit organizations to create public awareness for their programs. Design, marketing and organizing have been her lifelong passions and find full expression as Marketing Director for NuEnglish.

Bob Cleckler, VP R&D

Bob C. Cleckler graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas. For many years he was employed by Hercules Inc. as a Safety Engineer.After reading the book Illiterate America, Bob began passionately researching a solution to illiteracy. As a result he wrote a book titled Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis, detailing his solution. With Bob’s proposed solution, all students will learn to read, and in much less time.

Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis is revolutionary in its approach, and it suggests a thoroughgoing spelling reform. The book has been displayed at the Book Expo America and the Beijing, China book fairs, and has received numerous testimonials. Bob had an exclusive interview on WOAM radio in Canton, Ohio. Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis was one of only six finalists in the Education/Academics category of the USABookNews Best Books Awards competition and one of eight finalists in the Education category of the Foreword magazine Book of the Year competition. Eastern New Mexico University’s Professor of Special Education, Michael F. Shaughnessy, Ph.D. interviewed Bob. Dr. Shaughnessy, who read Bob’s book, said that he agrees with Bob 100 percent! The interview is posted on the EducationNews website.

Gary Sprunk, MA in English Linguistics, read Bob’s Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis and soon became a partner in promoting the humanitarian project that the book proposes.
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