Movies on DVD that dramatize the plight of illiterates.

El Analfabeto (The Illiterate One), 1961.  English subtitles.  Diminutive Mexican film legend Cantinflas was a hilarious cross between Italian funnyman Roberto Benigni and silent film star Buster Keaton. Here, the comedian plays an illiterate young man who receives a letter informing him that he's inherited a large sum of money from an uncle who's just passed away. The only catch is, he'll have to learn to read before he's able to understand the letter!

Stanley & Iris, 1990. Stanley (Robert De Niro) is a hardworking man who can't read; Iris (Jane Fonda) is a newly widowed woman who, to pay the bills, takes on a low-paying job at the bakery where Stanley works. The two don't meet until the day Iris's purse is stolen and Stanley finds her distressed on the street. In spite of their differences, they fall in love; Iris helps Stanley overcome his illiteracy, and Stanley teaches Iris how to hope again.


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